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We honestly think that the 90s are the culmination of fancy things. You know that climax that takes you either to a whole new level or downhill? That is a precise way to describe the 90s. From fashion to hairstyles, all things 90s were the “real deal”. Nowadays, fashion, designs and hairstyles seem to be taking a cue from the 90s. We know you are nodding your head because you can totally relate. And what about the music? Come on. This period was when American Pop Culture was birthed, and we had “Gangsta” rap as well as the Grunge Style becoming mainstream.

But beyond all of these, the 90s blessed us (literally) with some great bands. If you are like us, you find yourself bursting into spontaneous lyrics of some of these songs; some of you get to a point where you do not remember the lyrics anymore and then you try to search for them on the Internet to download. Let’s try to remember some of the popular bands that made our childhood spectacular.


It is hard to reminisce about the 90s without mentioning the band Nirvana. Nirvana brought us great Punk Rock, Alternative Rock and Grunge music. This all-male band was arguably one of the most famous band groups ever, selling over 75 million records globally. They started out in 1987 with two guitarists, and rose to fame steadily till 1994 when the founder and lead singer of the group, Kurt Cobain died. This was when the group Nirvana officially ended. Still, we have to thank them for songs like Smells like Lithium, Heart Shaped Box, Come as You Are, and About a Girl.

Alice in Chains

We can see you nodding your head with a nostalgic smile on your face because well, Alice in Chains. This world-famous band also began in 1987 (I think there was something about the year 1987 that favored the formation of great music bands. Don’t you think so?). It was in Seattle. They are popular for playing all forms of Rock Music, from alternative rock to heavy metal and Grunge. They produced beautiful songs like Would, Man in the Box, and Rooster. They never really disbanded officially, even though they are not as active anymore.

Pearl Jam

This is one active band that has stayed on the Rock music scene, selling up to 85 million records as at 2018, making them one of the best-selling artists in the world. Still, we have to thank them for songs like Black, Jeremy, Even Flow, and several other amazing sounds we were blessed with.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

We know you were probably waiting for this name to appear on the list too. Red Hot Chili Peppers heated up the rock music scene with their genre of psychedelic rock music. They gave us smooth vibes like Other Side and Scar Tissue.

Foo Fighters

After Nirvana disbanded due to the death of Kurt Cobain, the drummer of the band Dave Grohl created another group known as Foo Fighters. They gave us hits like Ever Long, Big Me, My Hero and have gathered over 10 Grammy Awards to their name. I’m sure you remember the songs.

Spice Girls

In a world where all-male bands were dominating, the Spice Girls showed us that an all-female band can rock as well. The Spice Girls, which began in 1994 is made up of 5 women and although they officially disbanded in 2001, they produced hit songs like Wannabe, Stop, etc. No wonder they are top on the list of the best-selling girl groups worldwide.

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys gave us all things R&B and Pop. Their voice could melt hearts literally, and they have remained consistent since 1993 when the group started. Songs like I want it that way, Everybody, and As Long as you Love Me remain evergreen those this day.


Another all-female R&B band that started in 1991, these beautiful women gave us songs like Creep, Waterfall, and Red Light Special. They once won a Grammy for Best R&B Album, a recognition for their spectacular talent and amazing music.

Guns N’ Roses

Also known as GNR, this all-male Rock and Heavy Metal band started in 1985. Songs like November Rain, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, and Sweet Child O’ Mine make them a much-loved band.

Bon Jovi

We are sure you would look again if you did not see Bon Jovi on this list. Jon Bon Jovi started this group in 1983, and they have remained on the Rock Music scene till now. Their albums Always and These Days contain most of their biggest selling singles. Bon Jovi definitely painted the 90s red for us.

Of course, you should know that this list is not exhaustive as there were a lot of exciting bands that produced beautiful music, many of which are evergreen. But if you experienced the 90s in any way, you certainly lived in one of the world’s best periods yet, as far as music is concerned.

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