Poker is notorious for calling upon a multitude of different skills, whereas Teen Patti is less convoluted and can be easier to grasp Credit: Representational image

Teen Patti is one of the most famous games in India, while poker is one of the most famous games around the world. Both are played in a casual and professional manner. When such prolific games exist, it’s hard not to compare them to one another. These comparisons run on many different metrics, but there is one that is important to giving a card game legitimacy: the game’s difficulty. So, which is harder: Teen Patti or poker?

What Skills are Needed?

When judging how difficult a game is, the skills required for each game must be assessed. Poker is notorious for calling upon a multitude of different skills. Players need to be able to calculate what moves they should make based on the cards they know and don’t know. They also need to be able to keep their moves hidden and secret. While doing this, they must decide if their opponents are telling the truth or not. They must also decide whether, based on all this information, they want to risk betting at each stage.

Teen Patti is less convoluted and can be easier to grasp. Similar to the British Three Card Brag, the game requires players to bet on how successful they think their three-card hand will be compared to others. Skills required are the ability to ascertain whether or not you have the better hand and the ability to gauge the reaction of other players. But some play ‘blind’ which makes it more difficult. Taking inspiration from poker, Teen Patti is easier to grasp and the hands usually take less time to progress.

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How to Play the Games

The advent of online casino games means that while poker can be played in a standard way online, there are also ways of making the game more difficult. There are versions of poker that can be played online. Many of these invoke a live dealer, which means the player can see the dealer in real-time. This adds an element of tension to the game. Playing poker online does remove the impact of bluffing effectively as players are typically unable to see one another’s reactions.

Teen Patti is also available to play online. You can play here with different variants of the game – including a live version where players are able to see the dealer. This additional element adds atmosphere to the game, but largely leaves gameplay unchanged.

Transferable Skills

Both games are able to provide players with transferable skills going forwards. Poker teaches you to bluff and to notice tells in others, which can help improve interpersonal skills. Business is often compared to poker and those who are able to analyze people better in a game may be able to transfer this skill across to their work.

Teen Patti teaches the ability to make decisions with a more limited range of information. Not all the risks will pay off, which is what many experienced players may tell you. But the ability to make them in the first place is conducive for other areas of life. Thus, Teen Patti’s ability to make decisions without knowing all the facts can help people lose the paralysis that sometimes accompanies decision-making so they can make quicker decisions.

Teen Patti and poker both represent popular card games. Both take a degree of skill to master. Undeniably, poker is more convoluted and features more moving parts, but that doesn’t necessarily make it harder. While poker does require more strategic thinking, sometimes this need for logic can blind players to taking any risks. Teen Patti allows players to go with their gut and take chances. No matter which is more difficult, both provide players with an experience.

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