The shelter is called 'Baator Ghor' (Street home)

The onset of winters can be especially hard for street dogs, who often have no way of protecting themselves. Taking note of the same, a youth from Assam has come up with a unique initiative to combine recycling and dog shelter.

Abhijit Dowarah, a resident of Sivasagar, Assam has built makeshift shelters for street dogs using old TVs to help them beat the winter chill. The shelter is called ‘Baator Ghor’ (Street home).

The shelter was inaugurated by Sivasagar deputy commissioner Al Azhar Ali on Friday. He said this was a welcome initiative. “Time and again, we have been told that if we love nature, God will love us back. This is also an eye-opening experience for all of us, and we should extend our hand to promote such initiatives,” Ali added.

“You often see that stray dogs are killed in road accidents, and people also face problems. To find a pocket-friendly solution, I collected some old televisions, used the components for some other work and used the case to build shelters. I painted them Green and Yellow because Green signifies nature, while Yellow is easy to notice for vehicles passing by.

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