Renate Wedel (left) and her husband Alfred Wedel

If your neighbour gifted you a homemade cake recently, then you are lucky. But you are not as lucky as the residents of a community in central Germany, who inherited property and a stock portfolio worth $7.5 million, following the death of an elderly neighbour.

Renate Wedel was a resident of the Weiperfelden district of Waldsolms in Hesse, central Germany, where she had been living with her husband, Alfred Wedel, since 1975.

Alfred, who was successful and on the stock exchange, died in 2014 and Renate, who had been receiving care in a nursing home in Frankfurt since 2016, died in December 2019 at the age of 81.

In April this year, the district was informed that Renate had bequeathed it a bank balance, shares and valuables.

It must be noted that the money is not for the personal use of the neighbours. The community is obliged to use the inheritance only for “community facilities and infrastructure.”

The municipality also inherited property in Weiperfelden, which was initially left as a legacy but was declined by the initial inheritor because of the cost of maintaining the house and outbuildings and because residents’ contributions were due for work on a local road.

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