A doctor in Khowai district hospital was attacked by a group of locals on Thursday evening

Agartala: Expressing anger over the frequent assault of health workers including doctors, the All Tripura Government Doctors Association (ATGDA) on Friday made an appeal to their community to join service only if they can protect themselves while on duty.

Tamal Sarkar, a doctor in Khowai district hospital, was attacked by a group of locals on Thursday evening.

According to Sarkar, he was attending patients at the emergency block when some attendants requested him to examine a patient outside the block, to which he asked them to bring the patient inside. As soon he denied going out and checking the patient, the group of miscreants started assaulting him.

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The central working committee in its statement said if health workers do not feel safe in the workplace, they cannot serve patients. Hospitals with big tiles, advanced equipment, medicine, and big speeches cannot improve the health care of the people, they added.

“A few months ago, a local BJP leader assaulted Dr Victor Deb in Mohanpur. Is he so powerful and forgiving, that even the police are afraid of him? Victor Deb was forced to compromise for his own safety. No action could be taken against that party leader,” the ATGDA said.

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The body also said that in similar incidents, Dr Prantosh was attacked in Damchhara recently. The Indira Gandhi Memorial (IGM) hospital was vandalised without any reason. A few months ago, a woman on duty at Kulai hospital was slapped. On Thursday, miscreants physically attacked the doctor on duty and took away the oxygen cylinder.

The ATGDA also said the responsibility of doctors and health workers is to provide medical services to the patients in the hospital and maintained that it is the responsibility of the government, administration, courts, local people, local clubs so that they can work safely and securely in the hospital.

“If they are unable to fulfill the responsibility of protecting the safety of health workers, it is nothing but our ultimate misfortune. We have accepted this misfortune”, the statement reads.

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The doctor’s body further said that if any doctor or any other health worker in the hospital is negligent, does anything wrong, it is the responsibility of the government and the administration to take legal and administrative action against them.

“Let all our members know, if possible, protect yourself, no one will come to save you. The police, law, ministers, administration are all busy with much more important work. There is no time to think about the worthless creatures of society like us. Be mentally prepared while working in a government hospital, anyone can come at any time may slap or punch you for no reason.

If you accept it and are willing to work by enduring insults, then only do government jobs. Otherwise, leave your job and join politics, stand for election, have a drink, do business and do whatever you want, self-esteem will be maintained”, ATGDA said in its statement.

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