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As we can all agree, the Christmas season is a magical season filled with lots of love, joy and companionship. We are surrounded by lots of friends, family and well-wishers. It is also the time of the year where many shows are put on hold only to be resumed next year. That implies that now more than ever, shows to watch with your friends and loved ones are a rare commodity and you are eager to search for your entertainment anywhere you can find it. Relax, there are still thrilling shows you can binge-watch during and after the festivities, either with a bowl of popcorn or some spicy chicken wings.

Voices Of Fire

This comes top of the list for a whole number of factors. In this entertaining show, Pharrell Williams adorns our TV screens with such a masterpiece performance. He takes viewers on a journey into the intriguing world of the Gospel. The story follows his preacher uncle, Bishop Ezekiel Williams and his band of gospel singers who display a high level of musical dexterity. As the story progresses, Bishop Ezekiel and his team search for new talents to join the choir.

This series is definitely a must watch, as it takes you through a sonorous journey with multi talented artist, Pharrell Williams. Although there are just six episodes in this series, each one is filled with amazing scenes for gospel music lovers.

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We Are The Champions

This is next on the list. It is a combination of a reality series and a documentary series. As the name suggests, the series centers on players in various unorthodox competitions that may seem strange to some folks but is totally normal within the community that the series represents. Some of these unusual games include yo-yo, fantasy hairstyling, frog jumping and dog dancing. Although all these games are new and probably unheard of, they are still thrilling to watch and provide just the right amount of suspense to get you cheering on your favorite players during the game.

The first season of this show has six entertaining episodes, with fans yearning for even more.

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The Crown

Centered on the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II between 1977 to 1990, the show stars talents like Gillian Anderson who excellently plays Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and new talent Emma Corrin who brings to life Lady Diana Spencer’s character. Fans are largely enthralled by the scripting of this masterpiece, its historical accuracy, impressive array of cast and captivating cinematography. The story takes viewers on a journey through the rise to power, wealth and prominence of the reigning Queen of England. You should definitely give this one a try if you’re interested in history and want to see it played out accurately and with finesse.

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Dawson Creek

This series brings nostalgic feelings to adults in their 30s and 40s, and maybe even older. As for teens and young adults, they are exposed to facts from this teen drama. Back when this series first aired in 1998, nobody had heard about stars like Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, James Van Der Beek, Busy Phillips and Katie Holmes. Today, these actors are the faces of Hollywood and other big movie industries across the globe. They may not admit it, but they owe their big break to this series.

In the meat of the story, Dawson finds a friend and, subsequently, a love interest in Joey. The show also reveals a unique love triangle between Joey, Dawson and Pacey. Although the show is over 20 years already, the core message of this story is still relevant today.

Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

Leah Remini, after spending a huge part of her life in scientology, decides she no longer wants to be a part of it. She leaves the community with the belief that it is overwhelmed with corruption and she aims to reveal the scoop in the church. Remini, in the company of Mike Rinder; a former high-ranking Scientologist, meets with some former members of the same Scientology communities who all share terrible stories of harassment, abuse and inappropriate behaviour. As the team strives to draw attention to the scourge they’ve discovered, they meet challenges on the way.

The aim is to reveal the truth to the relevant authorities and supporters of the culture, with the aim to pull the wool over the eyes of those she believes have been brainwashed.

No Man’s Land

The story gets its first major twist when Antoine, a lead character, sees what looks like a video clip of his sister in a Syrian news report. His sister was believed to have been dead for more than two years and the footage motivates Antoine to embark on a mission to find her. Now, he must overcome the antics of stumbling blocks like spies, anarchists, and some other victims to succeed. The series reveals some unknown truths about the Syrian civil war in this intense, thrilling and exciting eight-episode blockbuster.

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This ’90s animated comedy series aired first on Fox kids and subsequently The WB in 1998. Each thrilling episode shows several episodes involving different skits. Another interesting fact about this show is the wide array of cast like Wakko, Yakko, The brain, Dot, Pinky and many others. This show was initially produced by Steven Spielberg along with other talented producers and directors as a part of a collaboration between Warner Bros and Amblin Entertainment.

So, if what you need this season is an entertaining, educating and thrilling cinematic experience, these are very good shows to begin with. You’re sure to love them and, trust us, you won’t be able to wait for the release of subsequent seasons.

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