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While the dark mode on Chrome already existed and meshed well with the colour preferences of Windows 10, only the top-level UI used to turn down to grey or black shade even during the dark mode.

According to a report by Windows Latest, now even the scrollbars will respect the dark mode and turn to a darker hue instead of staying bright. At present, scrollbars don’t show any changes when you switch from the light mode to a dark one. The news of the complete dark UI is based on a commitment made by Google engineers.

As spotted on the Chromium Gerrit, the commit talks about the improvements to Chrome’s dark mode. In order to give a “complete dark mode experience”, Google is updating the WebUIs. Other than the scrollbars, the search engine is also updating internal pages of Chrome to support dark mode. As per the images shared by the site, soon theme-wise changes will be seen in almost every nook and corner of the browser, be it the settings, the history page, new tab page, bookmarks, or the PDF printing screen.

“The update is already provided for testing through the Chrome Canary channel. It can be tested by adding “–enable-features=WebUIDarkMode,CSSColorSchemeUARendering \ –force-dark-mode” to the command line,” added the report.

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Those unable to check out the upcoming enhancements will have to wait till Google officiates the latest changes which could be a part of Chrome 88 coming next year.

On the other hand, Microsoft is also helping Google with dark mode improvements for Chrome. Recently the firm fixed an issue where the scrollbars were not changing their colour according to the Windows 10’s theme preference.

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