A life-size Christmas tree made out of reused plastic bottles erected in Chandel district

Chandel: With Christmas season fast approaching, people across the globe have started preparing and planning for the winter festival amid the pandemic and Manipur residents are no different.

People in state’s Chandel district have decided to prepare for a more sober Christmas while keeping it environment-friendly.

Uniquely, a 15 feet tall recycled plastic bottles Christmas tree has been erected right in the heart of the district headquarters with a slogan ‘Fighting plastic pollution starts with you & I. Be the change you want to see.’ This fabulous life-size Christmas tree has become a sight to behold in the town, especially at night.

At least over 1,000 waste plastic bottles which were collected in three months were used in making the eco-friendly Christmas tree. Also, the star was made out of used plastic bottle caps.

The idea was initiated by RUWCDS (Rural women and child development society) an NGO based in Chandel district in collaboration with PHED department, Chandel under the Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin as awareness for plastic waste management.

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A star made of plastic bottle caps

According to the organisers, the novel project aims to convey a message on how the plastic wastes can upscale and to reduce plastic pollution and minimise its negative impact.

“We came up with an ingenious way to raise awareness by collecting plastic bottles and build a Christmas tree. And our purpose is to remind people that we have only one planet called earth, but this planet of ours is now drowning in plastic pollution. This pervasive menace not only affects plants and animals but the human population too,” said the secretary of RUWCDS Kiirii Neinu Monsang.

Our habits play a major role in reducing our carbon footprint. We are hoping that this small initiative of ours will inspire people to come up with creative ways to beat plastic wastages, she added.

As per the organisers, with the arrival of the festive season, the team wanted to curate something impactful to the society, and that’s how they come up with the idea of keeping in mind the threat pose by the plastic pollution crisis and how it’s impacting humanity.

“We didn’t have to think twice because plastic pollution is visible everywhere and a growing the concern even in a small town like Chandel. So we thought why not make a statement by erecting a Christmas tree made out of 1,000 reused plastic bottles,” added Neinu.

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