Kids learn by example. Avoid having junk food in front of them, or have only once in a while

One constant matter of concern for all parents is to get their kids into healthy eating habits. A good and healthy food habit from a younger age ensures that they have a stronger and ailment free adulthood.

Often kids are fussy when it comes to eating vegetables and healthier foods. Children are usually more inclined to eat junk food like burgers, chips and sweets. However, if you want your kid to eat healthier, here are some of the tricks that can be used:

· Disguise healthy food

Adding food that will benefit the child along with something s/he likes is one of the most basic yet effective tricks to make the kids eat healthy. If your child insists on eating noodles, you can add wheat noodles and make the dish vegetable-heavy. Adding nuts and dates to shakes are also useful to make kids eat healthy.

· Make healthy snacks attractive

Prepare snacks that are not just healthy to eat but also tasty. There are several snacks that you can give the kid such as fruit salad, vegetable salad or juices. Serve these snacks in a way that they look attractive to the kid. Remember, if the kid likes how the snack looks, they are likely to eat it happily.

· Set an example

Kids mostly want to imitate their parents, so it is difficult for kids to eat healthy if you are setting the wrong example. Eat junk food only once in a while and in smaller portions so that kids also learn to do the same. In addition to telling them, it is also important to show them that you eat healthy.

· Promote them to cook

Involve your kids in cooking easy snacks. This is how you can educate them about healthier food items while also teaching them about basic cooking. More importantly, if you are taking their help in the preparation of a food item, it is likely that they will insist on eating it.

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