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Winters can take a toll on our energy levels and productivity. In order to start the day on a warm note, try these three breakfast recipes in the winters:

1. Mooli Paratha

For a solid and warm breakfast, get going with the good old mooli paratha. Follow these steps:

● Grate a medium-sized radish (mooli) and add some salt to it. Let it sit for about 5 minutes.

● Squeeze out the excess water from the mooli.

● Add spices like chilli powder, cumin powder and amchur masala to the mooli.

● Prepare some balls from dough.

● Make space inside the doughs and insert the mooli mixture as the filling.

● Roll them out like rotis and cook it on a tawa with oil.

● Eat them with pickle or salad for a hearty meal.

2. Choco pancakes

Pancakes are a quick to make and healthy alternative in the winters. Follow these steps:

● To make the pancakes, take flour, baking powder, cocoa, sugar, egg yolks and buttermilk in a bowl and mix them.

● In a separate bowl, combine the wet ingredients like the egg whites.

● Now pour the egg white into the batter solely, taking breaks to loosen the batter.

● Heat up a pan and add butter. Once it gets heated enough, add some portion of batter to the pan for each pancake.

● As soon as bubbles appear on the pancake, turn it over until they turn a bit golden brown,

● You can have the pancake with caramel or honey.

3. Sugar-free almond muffins

What if you could have muffins without the unhealthy sugar? Make this oven-friendly quick recipe to start your day afresh:

● Preheat the oven to 180°C. Prepare a muffin pan with large paper cases.

● Now, beat rice malt syrup, unsalted butter and vanilla extract using a mixer until it turns thick and pale.

● Add eggs, one at a time, to the mix.

● Add the flour and almond meal into the combination.

● Pour them into the prepared pan.

● Bake for 20 minutes and test if the muffins are ready by inserting a toothpick inside. If it comes clean, your dish is ready.

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