The app is available on Google store

Google has launched a new app in India called Task Mate. The interesting feature of the app Task Mate is that the company will provide a certain amount to the user for completion of said tasks.

The latest application is available on Google store but can be joined by new users with the help of referral codes because it is still in beta.

The description of the app says that it is only available for selected testers who have the referral code as they are unable to extend further invites.

The Task Mate app will provide users access to tasks posted by businesses. The examples of tasks provided by Google LLC on Play Store include answering survey questions, helping in the translation of sentences from English to the local language or taking photos of a nearby restaurant.

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Once a user successfully finishes the task, he/she is paid in the promised amount in their local currency. As per the app description, the tasks can be completed anytime and anywhere. The user can choose whether to participate in a certain task or skip it.

For cashing out the payment, users need to have an account with a third-party payments processor. Whenever you are ready to cash out, you can register your e-wallet or account with the payment partner. You can then visit the profile page and hit the ‘cash out’ button to get the payment. The earnings can then be withdrawn in the local currency.

Other than Task Mate, Google has another app called Rewards for the users to earn money by answering survey questions. But the difference is that the currency earned in the app can only be availed as Google Play money.

Currently, Task Mate app notes that they are learning more on how to provide additional earning opportunities through crowdsourcing.

It was updated on November 19, 2020 and has had more than 10,000 installations so far.

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