Eggs are highly nutritious and energising

Fitness and wellness enthusiasts around the world swear by eggs for being highly nutritious and energising. Rich sources of protein, eggs are also easy to cook and take up very little effort to prepare. However, when people include eggs in their diet while trying to lose weight, they tend to follow some myths that really do not work the way they are believed to work.

So here are five common misconceptions around having eggs as weight control food:

1. Eggs will lead to an increase in cholesterol levels

Although the egg yolk does have cholesterol, many studies have shown that consuming eggs daily is not related to increasing cholesterol levels and heart diseases. Often, it is the assortments that go with the eggs that have more threat, like saturated and trans fat.

2. Egg yolks are to be ditched

As it is known to all, egg whites are rich in protein and yolks contain fat. This leads people to dump the yolks. But here one should remember that the yolks are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals alongside fat. Some of the minerals present are foliate, phosphorus, selenium, calcium and zinc. On the other hand, you are missing out on Vitamin B2, B12 and D by ditching the yolk.

3. Not being careful about how you cook the egg

Whether it is a scrambled egg or fried egg, we need some kind of oil or butter to cook the egg properly. But one should be careful about the oil they choose while they are on a diet. Choosing olive oil and butter is a safer choice than saturated and trans-fat-containing vegetable oils and margarine.

4. Not paying attention to pairing eggs

One needs to count the calories while they are on weight control. One egg contains about 78 calories and thus for a meal, one can easily intake 2-3 eggs and pair it with something healthy. Here picking vegetables is the right choice as it will keep you full for a long time.

5. Having organic eggs

While many think that organic or free-range eggs are going to be more beneficial than standard eggs, it is not true. There are no proven nutritional benefits of having organic eggs.

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