Herbalist Ruichumhao Siro of Shingkap village in Manipur Credit: EastMojo image

Kamjong: Ruichumhao Siro, a 34-year-old herbalist from Manipur’s Kamjong district, has set on a noble mission. He is trying to treat sick people, especially those suffering from life-threatening diseases, by using locally available medicinal plants and herbs.

Hailing from Shingkap village, this young, self-taught herbal medicine maker embarked on a journey of making traditional medicine after his sister was diagnosed with cancer. Another factor which led him to do the research intensively is the prevalence of cancer-like symptoms among his Tangkhul community.

“After learning about many cancer cases in our Tangkhul community, I was interested to know the root cause or major factor for the disease. That’s how I started researching. I am not making the medicine for a business but rather to relieve those who are suffering from various diseases,” said Ruichumhao.

Instead of attending a formal herb school, Ahao, as commonly called by his friends, researched on Google and watched free YouTube tutorials on herbal medicine making. A graduate in political science, this young herbalist is living true to his childhood dreams.

“It took me at least two years to do research, and after three months of trial, I succeeded in the test,” informed Ahao when EastMojo team visited at his village, a distance of over 50 km from Imphal.

Each bottle of 60 ml costs Rs 1,000

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Since March and till date, around 200 people have used the medicine I make, and I can confidently say that around 90 per cent of users have responded positively, the young herbalist claimed.

Named as V-LIS – Hao traditional herbal medicine, the medicine is said to have cured many diseases. He claims that it can kill cancer cells and heal tumour, regenerate damaged nerves of the spinal cord, basal cell carcinoma, asthma, diabetes, sinusitis, toothache, high blood pressure, among others. The medicine also helps those suffering from post-traumatic stress, according to the description of the medicine.

However, due to the lack of proper machinery, Ahao lamented the time consumption on making the medicine. “On an average, I could make only ten bottles (60 ml) of medicine in a day, and each medicine bottle cost Rs 1,000,” he added.

“I have been using the medicine for around two months due to severe piles issue. It was quite painful, but now I feel much relief after using the medicine. Apart from piles, this medicine also heals wounds,” said Zingcharwon, a mother of four kids.

So far, Ahao has not registered his medicine product and plans to apply for patent rights to protect from copying the ingredients.

Ingredients used in the herbal medicine are totally organic, however, except for olive oil, he refused to disclose other ingredients used in herbalism with a fear that others will copy, while using resources which is high on chemicals.

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