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Losing fat in winters seems difficult because some people are more lethargic due to the weather and prefer to stay indoors, usually curled up in their beds.

However, there are some simple tricks to ensure that you lose weight even during the chilly season. Following these five simple tips, you can reduce that excess fat during winters:

· Drink warm water

It is a known fact that lukewarm water helps in digestion. Less water in the body can aggravate your hunger pangs and decrease the fat burning capacity of the body. Drinking hot to lukewarm water after a meal emulsifies fat, aiding digestion and thus helping you to lose fat. You can also add a dash of lemon with crushed mint to the warm water.

· Indoor Exercises

Going out for exercising during winters can become difficult because of the teeth grinding cold outside. In order to induce weight loss, you should try doing light indoor exercises. You can lose weight from the comfort of your home by dancing, spot jogging or skipping. All these act as great exercises to lose weight.

· Limit intake of high calories foods

Eating something heavy on the stomach once in a while is alright but during winters, we tend to consume more sweets and comfort foods. You need to watch yourself and refrain from consuming larger quantities of fat heavy and high calories food.

· Eat smaller portions

It is suggested that you consume smaller portions of food at constant intervals. This will make you feel fuller and reduce the intake of unhealthy foods. Just make a fruit or vegetable salad and munch on it instead of consuming pizzas or chips. Smaller portions of healthy snacks will make you consume less junk food.

· Sit in sunlight

As much as you would like to sit at home during winters, going out will help you reduce weight. A study found out that reduction in sunlight can lead to increase in weight. So, if you are looking to lose weight this winter, it will be a good idea to go outside and sit in sunlight for some time.

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