Ranveer Singh is being attacked on social media Credit: Twitter

Every now and then, Indian social media is abuzz with calls for banning one advert or another. The latest to draw the ire of twitterati is an advertisement by Bingo, a well-known manufacturer of chips and snacks.

The new ad features Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. As the advert plays, Singh is seen at a house party when an elder person asks him what are his future plans. Soon, several uncles and aunties suggest ideal plans when Ranveer has a Bingo chip and then blabbers some scientific terms like photon and paradox to shut down the relatives. He later declares that the only way to deal with such questions is by using a ‘mad angle’.

Now, the fans of actor Sushant Singh Rajput have found the use of terms like ‘photon’, ‘aliens’ and ‘algorithms’ as a jibe at the late star and his love for science. The advertisement led the Twitter users believe that Ranveer was making fun of Sushant and it did not stop them from making personal attacks on the Gully Boy actor.

While such backlash has often resulted in brands pulling down ads, Bingo is yet to do so. However, the official YouTube handle of the firm has hidden the number of likes and dislikes on the ‘Beta aage kya plan hai’ video. Many Twitter users have also pointed this out.

In recent times, social media users have been getting offended by ads quite frequently. Jewellery brand Tanishq was targeted with accusations of promoting ‘love jihad’ in one of their ads. And in another advert right before Diwali, it was accused of attempting to defame Hindu culture.

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