Try these easy DIY Vegan dessert options for Diwali Credit: Instagram image (@Sampoorna Ahara)

Diwali is almost upon us, and so is the winter season. Sweets are an integral part of any happy occasion in India- an absolute must-have food item. As people become more health-conscious, many different sweet options have come up to suit the dietary needs of everyone.

Here is a look at some Vegan Diwali sweets that you can make at home:

Apple Coconut Barfi

Apple Coconut Barfi is a delicious treat. This fudge-like barfi is super easy to make. It is also vegan and gluten-free. The fruity taste makes for a great sweet snack without the guilt!

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Figs and Dry Fruits Barfi

Figs and Dry Fruits Barfi Recipe is famous Indian sweet recipe with dates, figs, pista, kaju, almond, walnut and raisins. It is a sugar-free, fat-free and vegan sweet recipe.

Sweet Pongal

Paruppu payasam aka sweet Pongal is a porridge-like dish made with rice, jaggery and moong lentils, flavoured with cardamoms and dry fruits.

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Jaggery-Chana dal Kheer

An extremely popular south-Indian dessert recipe made with chana dal, sabudana, jaggery and coconut milk. The recipe is known for its creamy and subtle sweet taste due to coconut milk and jaggery combination.

Vegan Ladoo

This Vegan and Gluten-free coconut Ladoo has shredded coconut, coconut milk, sugar and whole cardamom. These fudgy Coconut Ladoos are super simple and perfect for Diwali.

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