The advanced version of the Pinaka missile would replace the existing Pinaka Mk-I rockets which are currently under production

Indigenous Pinaka Missile System, developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was successfully flight-tested from the Integrated Test Range, Chandipur off the Odisha coast on Wednesday.

The advanced version of the Pinaka missile would replace the existing Pinaka Mk-I rockets which are currently under production.

“A total of 6 rockets were launched in quick succession and the tests met complete mission objectives. Development of the enhanced Pinaka system was taken up to achieve longer range performance compared to the earlier design with reduced length. The design and development has been carried out by Pune based DRDO laboratories – ARDE [Armament Research and Development Establishment] and HEMRL [High Energy Materials Research Laboratory],” said a DRDO official.

Giving the details of the missile, the official said, “It comprises of a free-flight artillery rocket having a maximum range of 38 km with different types of warhead and fuses, a multi-tube launcher vehicle, a replenishment-cum-loader vehicle, a replenishment vehicle and a command post vehicle. There are two pods containing 6 rockets each, capable of firing in salvo mode within 48 seconds. The enhanced version of the Pinaka rocket would replace the existing Pinaka Mk-1 rockets. While Mk-1 had a range of 36 km, this enhanced variant can hit a target 45 to 60 km away and has been developed as per requirements of the Indian Army.”

Rockets tested have been manufactured by M/s Economic Explosives Limited, Nagpur, to whom the technology has been transferred. All the flight articles were tracked by range instruments such as telemetry, radar and Electro Optical Tracking Systems which confirmed the flight performance.

“The enhanced Pinaka has been developed to counter the People’s Liberation Army threat in East Ladakh with the Chinese deploying large number of rocket regiments in support of artillery guns. The rocket regiments are central to Chinese war fighting for saturation bombardment of the targets. The enhanced Pinaka and guided Pinaka have both been cleared for deployment on the borders,” another official added.

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