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Reacting to Youtuber Dhruv Rathee’s video on her, actor Kangana Ranaut called him a dimwit, who gets money to make fake videos. She also threatened to put him behind bars for openly lying.

She said, “…of course this dimwit gets money to make fake videos I can get him behind bars for lying about BMC notice for my house in his video for which he got paid 60 lakhs,why will anyone lie openly about legal matters unless not given government support or money.”

This comes after Rathee’s video talking about how Kangana is hypocritical in her statements, pointing to the recent demolition drive by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) at her office property. He also said she has a habit of exaggerating her words.

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Journalist-filmmaker Eray Cather, in a tweet accused an unnamed Youtuber of taking money for maligning Kangana’s image. In a Twitter thread, he said, “ATTENTION: A major YouTuber with more than 4m subscribers has just been paid 65 lac Rs to make an analytical video “exposing role of SSR’s family in his death”. Deadline given to him is 1-2 weeks. The same YouTuber was earlier hired to target Kangana & Arnab.”

Though there was no direct mention of Rathee, the Youtuber responded to the tweet stating, “Lol, is this bullshit fake news referring to me? First of all no one paid me any money to make Kangana video. Secondly, I’m not planning to make any video on SSR. And thirdly, I really wish my sponsoring fees was 30 Lakh per video, how rich would I be.”

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Cather then responded, “One: I’ve not named anyone. If you feel it’s you, you’re welcome. Two: About your fees & deals, @dhruv_rathee— I will definitely talk about it, but my focus is not that as of now. So wait for a while. Three: Am glad you dropped the vid, or not planning now. You answered it.”

The Twitter battle started after Rathee accused the government of distracting the public with useless debates and even pulls up BMC for demolishing Kangana’s home.

His video has been viewed 3.8 million times.

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