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In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old boy in Mathura allegedly murdered his father in a fit of rage, and then watched the popular television series ‘Crime Patrol’ 100 times to learn how to destroy the evidence.

The boy, a class 12 student, was arrested on Wednesday by the police. The police on checking his mobile phone found that he watched ‘Crime Patrol’ over a 100 times.

According to reports, the incident on May 2, 2020 unfolded when 42-year-old Manoj Mishra scolded his son and upset with his rebukes, the boy hit him on his head with an iron rod. After Manoj fainted, his son strangled him with a piece of cloth to make sure his died.

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Later in the night, the boy with the help of his mother, allegedly carried the body of Manoj on his scooty to a forest area some five kilometres away where they burnt the body with petrol and a toilet cleaner to destroy the identity.

The police found the partially burnt body on May 3, that remained unidentified for almost three weeks, as no missing person report was filed in any police station.

The family of Manoj, finally lodged a missing person complaint on May 27, after the officials of ISKCON pressurised them since Manoj Mishra worked as a donation collecter at ISKCON. Later on, some of Manoj’s colleagues identified his body from his spectacles.

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Meanwhile, Mathura Superintendent of Police Udai Shanker Singh said that their suspicion arose only when the police called Manoj’s son for questioning, and he started evading everytime and instead asked under what provisions of the law was he being interrogated.

According to the police, the boy finally broke down and admitted to his crime after several rounds of questioning .

The police arrested the boy and his mother Sangeeta Mishra, 39 and have been booked for murder and destroying and evidence.

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