Team Jiva during a cleaning drive on Thursday Credit: EastMojo

Shillong: All thanks to the Jiva team, that Shillong’s famous junction – Khyndailad is green and adds more beauty to the city with its pine trees.

Hotelier & owner of Jiva Hospitality, Jiwat Vaswani (Bablu) has been carrying out the initiative to keep the city clean and green for over six years now.

Equipped with manpower, Bablu and his team popularly known as Team Jiva has not failed to do what they have been doing despite the pandemic.

Early Thursday morning, the team arrived at Khyndailad and started the cleaning process and also maintaining the plants that they have planted at the junction.

During an interaction with Bablu he expressed the need to maintain the beauty of the city that he lives in.

“I have been a lover of plants since childhood and last six years we have been planting trees and last two years we were motivated by Kong Patricia, she encouraged us to start a drive since we have a good team. We’re not doing by compulsion, God has given us such a beautiful city and it is our duty to maintain it and we do it willingly from within,” expressed Bablu.

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Plants being maintained by Jiva team at Khyndailad

When asked if the team faced any issues during this pandemic, he said, “Due to the pandemic we faced several financial issues but then we received donations and help from our society and that really helped us. Our business was down during this crisis but people were there to help me during this pandemic.”

Though no financial assistance from the government, Bablu was happy that the Municipal team and DC’S office have been rendering their help.

“The Shillong Municipal has been very helpful, like today when we needed to water these plants and they were quick to help,” said Bablu.

He further added that since their business is a seven day work, he however felt that it is not necessary.

“I think we can always take out one day just to give back to society and maintain the city that we live in. That is why we have been doing this for years that one day should be for contribution to the society,” said Bablu.

When asked how he felt that the district administration initiated their work, he said that he was happy but wanted to give the credit to his team. “They are my backbone and it is because of their contribution we have been able to carryout this initiative,” said Bablu.

During their process of cleaning, waste like plastic bottles, chips packets, clothes, used masks, broken bottles were majorly found.

He felt that hoteliers should come forward to take charge of a particular lane to cleanup and maintain the greenery and maybe from there a competition would grow which lane is the cleanest.

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