Clash between police and public in Bihar Credit: Twitter

In a violent clash during a Durga Puja idol immersion procession in Bihar’s Munger area on Monday night, one person was killed, and at least 22 others injured.

According to reports, the deceased was reportedly shot in the head. He was later identified as 18-year-old Anurag Kumar Poddar. Among the injured were 20 policemen. The family members of the deceased accuse the police of open firing; while the police allege that some miscreants deliberately threw stones and fired.

Ahead of the first phase of polls in Bihar, administration had asked people to immerse idols by 5 am on Tuesday. So paying heed to the orders, puja organisers were carrying out a procession close to midnight with loud music, as they were proceeding for the idol immersion ceremony.

As per reports, the clash began after a heated argument between Kotwali police personnel and the people participating in the procession. Some police officials allegedly started thrashing four persons who were carrying the idols at around midnight. This started a scuffle between the police and people, and the mob resorted to stone pelting.

In order to control the situation, police resorted to lathi-charge, and eventually fired tear gas shells. Several shots were fired in the incident between the two parties. The situation came to control by around 1 am.

Following the incident, police have detained 100 people for questioning. 3 indigenous kattas and 12 kiosks has been recovered by the police. Meanwhile, a huge security force was stationed in Munger on Tuesday.

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