The doctor was displaying his exquisite moves fully clad in PPE Credit: Dr Syed Faizan Ahmad

Dr Arup Senapati of Silchar Medical College has gone viral on social media. Netizens have showered love on him for his performance and named him the Dancing Doctor. EastMojo caught up with the new internet sensation.

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To start off with, attention 1st Hrithik Roshan, then Madhuri Dixit and now a story on BBC, I cannot help but ask, how does this feel?

When I first saw the tweet from Hrithik Roshan sir, for the first two-three hours I was in complete shock, and it was very difficult for me to realize whether it is a dream or a reality. And then after around three hours I realized that it really happened. And then eventually a number of celebrities from various fields including leading names from Bollywood praised my performance, retweeted it, but even now I feel as if I am still in a dream and once I wake up tomorrow morning, everything will come to an end.

Talk us through the moment you decided to dance clad in PPE. What happened there? what motivated you?

The duty that we are doing these days, it’s very tiring, eight hours a day, seven days a week, following which we have to undergo a mandatory quarantine, which I am undergoing right now. So all my colleagues from various departments who know that I dance pretty well decided that the day our duty shift gets over, they will take pictures and videos of me dancing. Although I have done the COVID duty before, I never thought of doing such a thing, but when my colleagues said, even I thought that this would be a great motivation and create a positive vibe for all the healthcare workers who have been working so hard.

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The last 6-7 months has not been easy, particularly for health workers. Tell us how challenging it has been, and how have you been coping up with the challenges?

The last 6-7 months has not been easy, particularly for healthworkers. Tell us how challenging it has been, and how have you been coping up with the challenges?

Ever since the term COVID came out, it has been a great challenge from then itself. It has been even more difficult for me, as before my recent transfer to Silchar Medical College Hospital, I was posted at the Darrangiri State Dispensary in Goalpara district, which is a rural area. So the real challenge was the people in those rural areas did not quite understand what was happening, they knew some nasty disease has come, but they did not know what to do and what not to do. We started to quarantine and isolated the symptomatic patients. When the first positive cases were identified in the Goalpara district, I volunteered to serve in the red-zone.

Are you a trained dancer or how long have you been dancing ?

I have been dancing from my childhood. I remember once when I was in class 5 or class 6, and I visited a Saraswati Puja pandal where they were playing a song ‘It’s my life’. I remember I managed to catch every beat of the music while dancing, and then only everyone realized that I dance well. After a few years after that, Prabhu Deva sir’s ‘Muqabla Muqabla’ song was released, and I created a ruckus at home, demanding they buy me the video cassette of the movie. My dad finally bought me the cassette along with cassettes of Michael Jackson. So after that, I started watching their dance moves and learning. A few years later Hrithik Roshan sir’s Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai was released. ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ song from the film inspired me. In simple words, these three legends whom I have mentioned have been my Gurus, and I have learnt my dance whatever I do, by watching them.

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Have you thought of doing a bit more in the field of dancing? Taking it up as a career?

No no, I cannot take it as a career. There is already a shortage of doctors in our country, and whatever I have received in the field of healthcare, I am blessed. But if I ever get a chance amidst my healthcare services, I would love to dance. Dance is in my heart, but as a profession, I can never think of it. In fact, I would urge young people to join the healthcare services.

Any calls from Mumbai yet?

No, not yet, maybe they are having difficulty in getting my contact number. All the media houses and radio stations have been calling and getting in touch with me. I want to thank every media outlet for the way they have supported me. And the people who have shown me so much love and support. With the love of the people and support from media, this would never have been possible

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