Tapan Pal painted a full picture of Goddess Durga on the sunflower seed Credit: EastMojo Image

Agartala (Tripura): In the micro art industry, new artists are developing their talents in Tripura almost every day. Artists have been lighting up their talents in front of the masses. The young artist Tapan Pal, a resident of Pratapgarh area of Agartala, is a statue artist who has caught everyone’s attention, as for the first time, he painted a full picture of Goddess Durga on a sunflower seed.

Micro-art on sunflower seeds

He has been interested in art, including drawings, since childhood. For the past three or four years, he has been practicing micro, painting on sweet pumpkin seeds, bottle gourd seeds and other varieties of seeds.

“I have been doing this since 2003. I have done micro art on bottle gourd seeds, pumpkin seeds and rice grain,” Tapan said.

Earlier, he had caught the attention of people when he painted Goddess Durga on 10 paisa and 25 paisa coins. He also said he does not use atas glass for micro art and he does these things with the help of cotton only.

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He also said that his father was a businessman who had been trained to make idols by his mother. However, he has completely taken up the micro art in his own interest. “This is not my profession but my hobby and I enjoy doing it”, Tapan said. His goal is to create even smaller micro-arts in the coming days.

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