When the priest raises his hands to bless the kid, she did what was common to her- giving a high five

Every now and then, we stumble across viral videos on social media that leaves us smiling. One such example is a recent video of a kid giving a high-five to a priest, which has now become the epicentre of cute yet hilarious reactions.

In the video, a cutely dressed little girl, accompanied by a lady, presumably her mother, was getting blessed by a priest. And when the priest raised his hands to bestow the blessings, the girl did what was common to her- she stood on her toes, raised her hand and give a high five to the priest.

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The innocence of the kid was enough to break the priest of his calm demeanor. He tried hard not to laugh at the child’s adorable move and continues with his blessing.

The moment which was captured on video, now has over two million views, 31,000 likes, and more than 5,000 retweets.

Watch the video here and be the judge yourself

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Here are some of the reactions by Twitteratis

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