The 'Road Ashram', an initiative to help people during the pandemic reached Guwahati on Thursday after covering 7,000 km Credit: EastMojo Image

Guwahati: Campaign on wheels, the ‘Road Ashram’, an initiative to help people during the pandemic reached Guwahati on Thursday after covering 7,000 km. The trio from Delhi is out on the roads interacting with people as they drive through to understand the impact of the persisting humanitarian crisis faced by people across the globe.

Siddhartha Dutta, Ahmer Siddiqui and Neha Chaturvedi started their journey from Delhi on October 4 and will be travelling for around 25000 km through 30 states and union territories in about 54 days driving a peculiarly modified car as they raise funds to extend help to the ones in adversity amidst the virus outbreak.

“We are running this campaign to raise awareness regarding COVID-19 and to raise some funds to provide relief to ones suffering. In our journey we are trying to identify the diversity in India, trying to find what makes India, India and also trying to get definition of country and India from people all walks of life,” said Siddhartha Dutta.

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Driving along the China and Nepal borders they moved past Uttarakhand and then towards West Bengal. The donation drive reached Guwahati after making a pit stop in Gangtok. The team will further move to the southern parts of India after spending a couple of days in the city.

Ahmer Siddiqui who has been on steering wheel taking the ‘Road Ashram’ all over India said, “The idea is to stay on the road – in our very own, personally crafted car, that we have decided to call ‘Road Ashram’. Through our 54 day drive on the kacha-pakka roads on the borders, we wish to raise awareness and resources to help people facing difficulties due to the pandemic. Alongside, we will share videos and stories of India’s diverse cultures, places, and everything else that makes India what it is, a diverse, colourful and fascinating India”

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The funds generated through this campaign will be donated to NGO Give India, to aid the organisation in providing food to the worst affected families across the country. “Grassroot-level NGOs need immediate support to continue their life-saving work. Through Road Ashram we appeal to everyone to make a generous contribution to the cause,” Dutta mentioned.

As per Dutta, along with the health crisis to the social structure has also taken a blow wherein innumerable people have lost their jobs, healthcare has become scarce, children have become vulnerable due to lack of proper nutrition and education interrupted.

“The purpose of Road Ashram is to bring attention to all these stories of people and ensure that we do not limit ourselves to measuring the impact of the pandemic to the medical crisis only,” Dutta added.

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