KSU put up banners in Shillong city Credit: Social Media

Shillong: Tension in Shillong as several posters targetting Bangladeshis appeared in the city. These were put up by the Khasi students Union.

The Meghalaya police swung into action, removed all posters and appealed for cooperation in promoting peace and harmony in the state.

The chief minister Conrad Sangma stated that all issues could be resolved soon. “Few months back this was a major issue, but I think there is no such complication right now. There is no issue as such. I think confusion has arisen because of comments being made by different groups, from within our state and outside. It can be resolved,” informed Sangma

He added that the state government is in the process of communicating and talking to everybody, including the Government of India.

“We are on the job to ensure that all unnecessary comments by different groups can be resolved at the earliest. I don’t think there are major issues there and I think by communicating with all the groups we should be able to normalise the situation,” said Sangma.

Speaking with EastMojo, KSU General Secretary Donald Thabah said that the main motive behind putting up the banners was to seek justice for their member who lost his life. He said that this is a very mild reaction and did not create any law and order situation.

Thabah added, “We have seen that people from Ichamati have started writing to different agencies, to the central government and to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights. Furthermore, they painted the colour of religion. Puja celebrations and Muharram have been taking place for decades with no objection from any quarter. When the letter was written and people started commenting on social media we thought that if we chose to be quiet then eventually they will get tired. But what we see is that by us being silent for them it portrayed that we were weak. With our silence they acted bolder and bolder threatening to come here, that is why we are compelled to react.”

The Ichamati clash which occurred on February 28, 2020, led to the death of Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) member Lurshai Hynniewta. Following this incident curfew was imposed in several parts of East Khasi Hills District.

KSU members putting up banners in parts of Shillong city

The Ichamati incident was raked up after allegations of institutionalised harassment of non-tribal women and children in Bholaganj and Ichamati bordering Bangladesh was reported several weeks ago.

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