The letter alleged that instead of 'killing' rumour, the DC became catalyst and incited hatred and violence Credit: Representational image

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Reacting sharply to the Karimganj deputy commissioner (DC) order (bearing no KMJ.4/2016/57 of 18.10.2020) regarding the Assam-Mizoram Lal Tanpuia, a citizen from Mizoram, has written an open letter to the former on Monday night alleging that instead of “killing” the rumour, the DC became the catalyst and incited hatred and violence.

The open letter reads as follows:

Open letter to Anbamuthan MP, IAS (DM of Karimganj, Assam)

Dear Mr ……………,

You claimed that your 6-years training in the army, before joining Civil Service, have honed you on “how to act when rumours are spread, and how to kill a rumour by connecting to (local) people.” The minorities whom you tried to impress in that part of Assam, where you serve as DM are migrants from Bangladesh. Those people do not stand a chance under Govt. of Assam’s implementation of NRC. Even before you arrive, they have been constantly endeavouring to carve out an administrative set up of their own and separate from Assam into an UT.

Sadly, instead of ‘killing’ the rumour, you became the catalyst and trigger in inciting hatred and violence.

You wrote, in your Order no. KMJ.4/2016/57 of 18.10.2020 that some miscreants from the State of Mizoram has been illegally encroaching inside the territory of Assam. Please note, if ever there is encroachment, violence and intimidation will not solve the problem.

You wrote, in the same letter about instances of armed aggression by detachment of uniformed personnel deployed by the Govt. of Mizoram. Now, pray tell the world what the uniformed aggressors did to your illegal immigrants. Give one evidence of unconstitutional act done by those personnel you condemned. As DM of Karimganj, have you ever received FIR/ written complaint against the alleged armed aggressors? If you had received one, did you intimate any such complaint to the authorities in Mizoram?

You are the one who had deployed armed Assam Police personnel on 9.10.2020. In fact, the world is witness to your unconstitutional act when you led your violent mob contingent. You have mobilised civil as well as govt personnel. You led an aggressive mob and destroyed properties belonging to a simple, native subsistence farmer. Did you serve notice prior to your action? Your action is totally unbecoming of a Civil Service Officer. You are answerable before the court of law.

You also wrote, in the same letter that you had issued restrictions in order to maintain peace and tranquility, and for greater interest of the public in the area. Unless you repeat the action of leading another mob to execute another act of aggression, nobody from this side is acting unlawfully to incite violence. Rest assured, when you maintain your peace, no one gets provoked. Peace and tranquility are guaranteed when you do not do anything.

Further, you wrote that the need to issue your order is urgent and so, it has been passed ex-parte. Note that Mizo people are the most peaceful lot you could possibly encounter as you sojourn from your hometown of Coimbatore. There is neither the need nor any hurry to pass the order, unless you plan another assault upon innocent, unarmed poor farmers.

What came over you? We conclude that you had indulged in these unconstitutional activities because your zeal to earn mention in government records, perhaps aspiring for prospects of better posting, and of course, future career advancement. Perhaps, you have become a little overzealous to earn credentials, like you did in the past when you were in the Army. It would not be out of tune to close this discourse with an advice to you. Just this time, tread carefully. As you had claimed, kill the toxic rumours and act wisely. As physics student, you know action triggers equal and opposite action. When people are provoked, undesirable repercussions often occur. Peace.

Lal tanpuia


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