In the video the location tag was marked, ‘Jammu and Kashmir, People’s republic of China.’ Credit: Representational image

On Sunday, Twitter received massive flak after Jammu and Kashmir was shown as a part of China during a live broadcast by a journalist at a war memorial in Leh, the capital of Ladakh.

Author and national security analyst, Nitin Gokhale first started the live broadcast on Twitter from the Hall of Fame. It is a memorial for soldiers who had lost their lives fighting for the nation.

In the video the location tag was marked, ‘Jammu and Kashmir, People’s republic of China.’ Twitter users instantly pointed out the error including Gokhale himself by tagging the official handles of Twitter India and Twitter. Although no replies from either of the accounts were made regarding the issue yesterday, on Monday in an official statement a Twitter spokesperson stated, “We became aware of this technical issue on Sunday, and understand and respect the sensitivities around it. Teams have worked swiftly to investigate and resolve the concerned geotag issue.”

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Following the live broadcast, Gokhale tweeted, “Twitter folks, I just did a live from the Hall of Fame. Giving Hall of Fame as the location and guess what it is saying Jammu & Kashmir, Peoples Republic of China! Are you guys nuts?” He went on to ask other users to tag the location as Hall of Fame, Leh, and then go live on Twitter.

Even after some users tried uploading images and live broadcasts with their location tagged as Leh, the observations were similar and the Hall of Fame was displayed as a part of China.

“So @Twitter has decided to reconfigure geography and declare Jammu & Kashmir as part of People’s Republic of #China . If this is not a violation of #India laws, what is? Citizens of India have been punished for far less. But US Big Tech is above the law?” tweeted Kanchan Gupta, a fellow of the Observer Research Foundation.

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This development also occurs on a day when many users of Xiaomi phones in India slammed the company’s weather app for not displaying the reports of Arunachal Pradesh. This issue came to the limelight when gadget reviewer Gaurav Chaudhury (owner of Technical Guruji channel on YouTube) pointed out the issue.

These incidents also come to light amid the border tensions between the two nations – India and China.

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