The scuffle broke out at a reception in Fiji as Taiwan nationals were celebrating their national day Credit: Representational Image

A Taiwanese delegate was rushed to the hospital as a scuffle broke out between Chinese officials stationed at Suva embassy and Taiwanese government employees at a reception in Fiji as Taiwan nationals were celebrating their national day, as per reports.

The incident occurs amidst rising tensions between the two governments as China upped the ante on Taipei to recognise Chinese sovereignty, which also led to the Chinese send fighter jets close to the democratically-run island.

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Taiwan’s foreign ministry stated that the incident happened on the evening of October 8 at a Taiwan national day reception held by Taiwan’s representative office in Fiji when two Chinese diplomats tried to barge in to take pictures and collect information as to who was present at the event.

A fight broke out as diplomats from Taiwan tried to stop them from entering, it led to a Taiwanese diplomat being sent to hospital as he took a blow to his head, as stated by the foreign ministry of Taiwan.

The ministry further added that the Fiji police has forced the Chinese officials to leave the event as as they alleged the Taiwanese of attacking them.

China’s foreign ministry is yet to respond to the altercation.

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Taiwan is recognized as an independent government by a very small group of nations. However the elected government does have expansive commercial and informal ties with many other countries.

The National Day event in Suva, the Fiji capital, was organised by the Taipei Trade Office.

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