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DImapur: The Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) issued a press statement appealing to retrospect within themselves, and to refrain from violence during the ongoing Naga peace talks.

The forum stated, “In such a time, it becomes equally imperative [for] that all Naga Political Groups, tribal organizations, civil society organizations and the Church to retrospect the past as much as to move forward by reinventing imaginative new models of constructive nationalism, based on Naga history and political rights, through non-violence, peace and understanding.”

It reminded that the “Covenant of Reconciliation” have agreed on numerous joint statements for a non-violent, peaceful resolution until the consummation of the Naga political process and thereafter.

The forum further stated “Along the way, CoR signatories have agreed to detest and reject in toto, provocative and idolatry of words that injure and hurt others realizing that violence of guns is not the only weapon of conflict but also the violence of words in all forms of media (paraphrase). All outstanding differences among the signatories need to be addressed through mutual respect and dialogue.”

It said that at this crucial time, when the inhabitants await with much hope, one’s insensitivity can be damaging to the process.

“At this moment, our Naga national political leaders and tribal and civil society organizations need to set and practice “tone at the top” by reflecting in each one’s personal conduct—a commitment to integrity and ethics. The present situation needs the leaders to reach out to one another and provide healing leadership and solidarity,” the statement further read.

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