Deputy CM Prestone Tynsong lashes out at state BJP

Shillong:In what appears to be a rift in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance, the government has asked its alliance partner BJP to leave the government if they are uncomfortable.

Meghalaya deputy chief minister lashed out at their alliance partner following corruption charges made by the BJP concerning two Autonomous District Councils and on illegal coal transportation and mining activity in the state.

“My only concern is that if they are not comfortable since they are also part of the government, they are free to leave. If you are not comfortable, you are free to leave the MDA government. That is the easiest way out. Don’t keep criticizing and at the same time you want to work with the MDA,” said Tynsong.

Apart from the BJP, another alliance partner, the Peoples Democratic Front (PDF), has also raised these issues. Tynsong says he appreciates the concern shown by different political leaders. He said that the People’s Democratic Front (PDF) took the initiative to submit a memorandum to the chief minister. PDF had requested that illegal coal transportation/mining be stopped.

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“So if you talk about PDF, they acted responsibly by taking up the issue with the CM, but as far as BJP state leadership is concerned, they keep talking to the press. We have a proper platform. If they also submit a memorandum, we will take action accordingly and investigate,” said Tynsong.

Tynsong added, “Allegations can be made, but if you are a responsible party or a responsible person you should come up with facts and documents. The habit of going to press is not a resolution.”

He added that the agenda of the MDA government is to put an end to corruption; This he says, was always the stand of the government since day one.

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