The monthly comparison of COVID tests, positive cases and positivity rate in Nagaland Credit: H&FW

Kohima: Nagaland continues to record a constant increase of the positivity rate as COVID-19 positive cases continue to surge in the state on a daily basis. The current positivity rate in the state is 8.1%.

As per the health department’s weekly bulletin, September recorded an almost equal number of cases as August even with fewer testing. The drop in testing rate is partly to do with revision in discharge policy and testing of returnees/travellers, where rational testing based on current scientific evidences has been adopted (as prescribed by ICMR) in the state.

In the past week, the positivity rate was 16% which is the highest as of date. In Nagaland, 97% of all tests have been done by RT-PCR (BSL-2/3 and Truenat combined). A total of 54,533 samples were sent for testing through RT-PCR, and the results of 53,067 have been received. In addition, a total of 29,844 samples were sent for testing on Truenat and results of 29,783 samples have been received. Through Rapid Antigen Test 2,346 samples have been tested.

The testing per thousand is lower than that of the national average. Still, the testing rate in Kohima and Dimapur is higher than the national average at 87 and 86 respectively, as per the health department.

The doubling time has increased to 56 days as on October 3. The last doubling time was 14 days as on August 7. The positivity rate in Dimapur is the highest at 10.7%, followed by Kohima at 9.0%.

Distribution of active cases and sampling as per the districts.

On Saturday, 61 new cases of COVID-19 were detected of which 46 are through traced contacts, six each are from the security personnel, and returnees/travellers and three are frontline workers. The state’s tally stands at 6,949.

Out of the total confirmed cases, 5,635 have recovered and 1,232 are active. As per the severity of symptoms, 1,173 active cases are asymptomatic, 46 cases are mild, 11 are moderate, one is severe, and one case is critical in ICU on a ventilator.

Symptomatic cases have increased to 4% from 3% in a week. Fever and cough are the most common reported symptoms in the state among confirmed patients.

Further, out of 6,949 positive cases, the distribution across various categories of people are: 3,184 cases of Armed Forces/ Police, 1,551 cases of Returnees, 1,848 cases of Traced Contacts and 366 cases of Frontline Workers.

The most common category of confirmed cases is among the armed forces. Cases with Pregnancy is 1%. As per the age-wise distribution, 46% are between 30-44 years, 35% are between 15-29 years, 14% are between 45-59 years, 3% are below 14 years, and 2% are above 60 years.

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Increasing of positive cases through contact tracing:

Among the traced contacts, the most affected age group is 31-40 years at 27%, followed by 21-30 years at 26%. The health department informed that majority of the traced contacts are government employees at 29% and household contacts at 28%. Students constitute 16%.

Positivity rate among office goers and household contacts continue to stay stable or increase. The hypothesis is that office goers/self-employed are bringing infection home to their dear ones, the health department said.

The recent spread in a convent, prison and church is concerning, it said. These points are drawn towards transmission in closed environments.

The remedy that is recommended is to restrict the office attendance to 50% and mass gatherings/events with strict adherence to the 3Ws.

Case distribution among traced contacts

COVID-19 deaths in Nagaland:

Nagaland has reported 12 deaths of COVID-19 so far. Out of the COVID-19 deaths reported, 10 are from Dimapur, one each is from Kohima and Mon districts.

The median age is 48 years. Five deceased are between 70-82 years, three each are between 40-49 years and 28-39 years, and one is between 50-59 years.

All COVID-19 deaths are certified by the state death committee as per ICMR and WHO ICD 10 guideline. Multiple comorbidities are associated with a single patient. The deaths with comorbidities is 92%.

Besides the 12 confirmed deaths of COVID-19, five deaths are COVID-19 positive but not due to COVID-19 and another six deaths are under investigation.

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