Parikrama’s lead guitarist Sonam Sherpa passed away earlier this year

On the occasion of ace guitarist Sonam Sherpa’s birth anniversary on Thursday, his band, Parikrama relaunched one of its most famous numbers ‘But It Rained’ in his memory, featuring additional time of Sherpa performing a guitar solo.

Sherpa died at the age of 48 earlier this year. He suffered a massive cardiac arrest. His untimely demise came as a shocker for the fraternity, but his legacy lives in the music he created.

Relaunching the song, the band on its official YouTube channel wrote, “Relaunching the video in memory of our brother Sonam Sherpa, on his birthday. When we first released the video, the solo was truncated to make it a better fit for broadcast timings. We are re-releasing the song with his original solo, as he had played it, for the first time in these two decades. With the original footage unavailable, we managed to recover a few minutes from an old Hi8 Handycam tape that had barely survived the years and extracted some precious footage of Sonam that was shot as part of the videos BTS footage in 2001. Rest of the video remains the same as released in 2001.”

“Our Sherpa lives on in our heart,” added the band.

Shillong based guitarist Rudy Wallang, of the band Soulmate, also paid tribute to the musical legend.

In a 1 min 24 second video posted on Facebook, Wallang plays the outro section of the song ‘But It Rained’. He writes, “Remembering Sonam Sherpa on his birthday today A lil’ tribute. May His Soul Rest In Peace.


Ps: by the way, this is actually the outro section to the song ‘But It Rained’ by Parikrama.”

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