Kohima: Resenting against the state government for “unheeding to the genuine demand” of the All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) in setting up an inquiry Commission to probe into the utilization of funds at Khelhoshe Polytechnic Atoizu (KPA) in Zunheboto, the student body has called for an indefinite digital protest from October 12 onwards.

Inato Y Chisho, vice president ANCSU and Keneitsituo Kense, education secretary ANCSU, informed that the student body is constrained to express its resentment against the state government over the issue.

The student leaders said that the union in its letter to the state chief secretary, dated August 31, demanded for setting up of an inquiry commission to probe into the fund utilization of Rs.3,71,60,000 for KPA under AICTE-NEQIP scheme within 30 days.

“Till date, the state government has remained passive over the demand of the union,” the student body said, adding that the ANCSU will “not remain silent when the welfare of the students’ fraternity is turned a blind eye”.

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Announcing the first phase of agitation, ANCSU declared an indefinite digital protest against the state government from October 12.

“During this protest, indefinite e-mails would be sent to the email account of the government functionaries, indefinite calls would be made to the government functionaries, online poster campaign etc.,” it said.

All e-mails and calls would be made requesting the state government to hear the genuine demand of the union, the student body added.

As the state strive towards rebuilding its economy and healthcare from the unprecedented global pandemic, the union said that in no way it wish to sabotage the betterment of the state which is why it called for the digital protest.

It informed all its units and well wishers to be prepared to participate in the proposed protest.

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