Ukhrul: For years, villagers of Tashar in Manipur’s Ukhrul district are reeling under a dilapidated state of the road condition. Now, having no signs of developmental work taking up by the concerned authorities, this village of around 750 households with over 4,500 populations get the work done on their own and repaired the lone approach road to the National Highway 202.

The work undertaking is over 7 kilometers long road connecting the entire internal road stretching along the Imphal-Ukhrul road.

According to locals, the motorable road was first constructed way back in 1986 under the state public works department, however, for the last 30 years; no work related to repair has been carried out despite numerous attempts and pleas made to the state government by the villagers.

Year after year, villagers could only witness the worsening condition of the road, which is crucial for the communication of the people, posing as threats to the safety both for vehicles and pedestrians. Most section of the internal road in the village becomes muddy and inundated during the monsoon season due to absence of gravel and proper drainage system.

The motorable road was first constructed way back in 1986 by state PWD
The work was initiated by Tashar Thotsem Society Ukhrul

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Irked with the lethargic attitude of the concerned authorities, the repairment of the damaged road portions was initiated by Tashar Thotsem Society Ukhrul in collaboration with village authority by raising funds through crowdfunding. The upgradation work includes levelling, filling potholes, gravelling and widening.

Speaking with EastMojo, village headman AS Shinmi said that due to poor state of road connectivity, they continue to face hardships, especially during any medical emergency.

Despite being considered as one of the largest villages in the hill district, Tashar village remained with no public health center (PHC), added the village headman.

The village headman also pointed out that though the place is blessed with rich biodiversity and variety of natural products, locals unable to source out their produces for markets due to failure of proper road connectivity.

“Even farmers from the village wanted to sell their farm produces in bulks in Imphal or Ukhrul, many continue to struggle since hiring charges of vehicles are expensive,” added the headman.

Apart from the crowd-funded raised amount, villagers, especially local youths, engaged on labour work and repaired the deplorable road using traditional equipment.

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