The woman who was a resident of Dasapalla of Nayagarh district was saved after police intervention Credit: Screen grab

Panic gripped many outside the Odisha assembly building in Bhubaneshwar on Friday after a youth pulls out a knife and threatened to slit his mother’s throat. The shockingly high-adrenalin action which was caught on camera was –according to the youth- the alleged result of corruption by some ministers in the ruling BJP government.

The woman who was a resident of Dasapalla of Nayagarh district was saved after police intervention. According to the cops who after speaking with the mother had said that the son is suffering from mental ailments and was taking him to Capital Hospital.

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Police officials also added that the mother-son duo was traveling via auto-rickshaw. The son suddenly pulled out a knife from his bag got down from the auto and proceeded to threaten his mother as soon as their auto crossed the assembly building.

The youth kneeled on the road with his mother’s throat in his grasp, started shouting slogans. All alleging corruption by some ministers from the ruling government. According to the youth, a huge amount of money was stolen from the Jagannath temple in Puri and two Ministers from the state were involved in the scam.

“Governor please help me, I am not mentally unstable. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is not corrupt but many leaders of BJP are dishonest,” he screamed.

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The officers from the Commissionerate Police tactfully engaged him in a conversation that continued for over 15 minutes. Subsequently, they overpowered the youth and rescued the woman. The incident which happened in broad daylight in the busy PMG square left many commuters thunderstruck.

Presently, the youth has been taken to SCB Medical College’s psychiatry department.

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