Mary Mathew is seen reading news on a laptop Credit: Arun Thomas (u/achilleswetheel)

Photographs of an elderly woman, from Kerala, using the laptop to read newspaper is winning hearts. Netizens are blown away by her zeal to learn and master new things.

Grandson Arun Thomas (u/achilleswetheel) in a post on Reddit said, “My grandmother, aged 90, learning to use the laptop to read the e-newspaper. I think her willingness to accept and adapt to change is really appreciable.”

Sitting on a chair at their home in Kerala’s Thrissur district, Mary Mathew is seen reading news on the device. The woman was photographed reading digital paper of a Malayalam newspaper, Mathrubhumi.

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As many spotted the contents of the page visible on the laptop screen, her grandson confirmed in a comment that she “starts off with reading the obituary and keeps a track of the people who died in a week”.

As the post dominated leading posts on Reddit India subgroup being upvoted with nearly 8,000 points in less than a day and another 2,000 points in sub-reddit group ‘Made me Smile’, the photos got many talking online.

Many suggested that she should use a proper laptop stand or a table so that she didn’t have to bend to access the mousepad, others suggested an external keyboard or an iPad or tablet for her. Some offered give their old tablets while some even said they could donate money for a device.

“I have a spare tablet that I have decided to give her,” Thomas said.

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