She was in an ICU in a hospital in UP and was moved to Delhi yesterday Credit: Twitter image

Two weeks after a 20-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh was gang-raped and tortured by four men, she reportedly died in Delhi on Tuesday morning. The accused were allegedly from her village in Hathras. The 20-year old had been in an extremely critical situation with her tongue being slashed off and bore multiple fractures.

She was in an ICU in a hospital in UP and was moved to Delhi on Monday. This incident comes in a wave of crimes against women in the state in recent months. She even named all the four accused as Sandip, Ramu, Lavkush, and Ravi who all allegedly belonged to a different caste.

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All the four attackers are now in police custody after being arrested for gang rape, attempt to murder, and sections of the SC/ST Act. SP of Hathras said that section 302 (murder) of IPC will now be added in the FIR after the death of the gang-rape survivor.

As details of the injuries emerged, it sparked a nationwide protest with social media users all demanding justice of the brutal death of the young woman. The woman’s family even accused the UP police of not helping them initially but reacting only after the public outcry.

On September 14, the woman was attacked at her village in Hathras and was dragged by her dupatta into the fields from the spot where she was cutting grass with her family. While talking with a leading news daily, the brother of the victim had said that four-five people came while the victim along with her mother was cutting grass.

Both of them were a little afar from the other when the four men threw his sister’s dupatta around her neck and dragged her inside the bajra field.

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The brother added that when the mother realised that her daughter was missing, he went looking for her and found her unconscious. By thenthe heinous act was already done and according to the brother, three bones in her neck were broken and hence had difficulty breathing right from the beginning.

He even went on to say that his sister was initially supposed to be taken to AIIMS but then she was taken to Safdarjung alleging lapses by the police force. He added that no quick action was taken and that only after four to five days had the police shown interest in the case.

Vikrant Vir, Hathras police chief, however, denies all allegations and stated that they have been proactive in making arrests and was even helping the family in whatever way possible. A compensation of Rs 4.12 lakh has been given to the kin of the victim.

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