Artist Zamminlun Singson and his pencil painting 'Peaceful Smile’

Imphal: A young artist from Manipur has managed to niche a position in the world of art while showcasing his realistic pencil paintings at the recently concluded International Art Exhibition 2020 at Taipei.

At just 23, Zamminlun Singson, a self-taught artist from Sumtukphai village Churachandpur district, became a household name when he managed to sell off his painting titled ‘Peaceful Smile’ at a whopping price of Rs 3.74 lakh at the international exhibition.

Talking about his painting, Zamminlun said,”Happiness is a very broad spectrum for humans as each one finds their happiness in different ways so is the girl in my art happily smiling with a wet face. However, I leave the space open for my audiences who can then come up with their own interpretation and conclusions and not restricting them to narrow down their thinking.”

Art titled ‘Fiorenza’ by Zamminlun Singson

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A pencil art by Zamminlun Singson

Another his pencil painting on paper called Fiorenza (old Italian) was selected as the winner of the 2020 International Artist Grand Prize Competition in Taipei, which was organised by Art Revolution Taipei. He competed with over 5,000 artists from 82 different countries at his first international exhibition.

The painting which has a 77cm x 60cm in size took him at least 80 hours to finished the whole process starting from coming up with the theme to collecting the right tools.

Zamminlun’s realistic pencil paintings that captured imagery of day to day life activities and people around him have fascinates art lovers from across the world.

Speaking with EastMojo, Zamminlun revealed that the signs of his love for art were shown from his childhood days; however, it was just a hobby then.

“I love art since childhood but it was just a hobby because then I don’t value art as much as I do now. I went to Delhi for a better job and a better life,” said Zamminlun.

However, in March 2019, he turned his burning obsession in art into a thriving career and since then, there’s no looking back for this prodigious talent from the northeastern state.

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A tradtional protrayed by Zamminlun Singson

He has participated in various art exhibitions in Delhi, Mumbai and Goa and his work primarily featured people around him and the environment.

Despite the achievements and goals he has achieved, Zamminlun pointed out the difficulties of promoting his work and lack of platform.

Since the work consumed a lot of time, one needs to have patience and focus. Also, learning the right tools for a particular subject requires proper research and understanding, he said.

“Marketing and finding the right platform is the most challenging part for an artist since we have to sell and promote our work,” informed Zamminlun.

The young artist not only aims to scale higher but he wants to give back to society by training more youngsters in the art.

“I wanted to start my own studio and help other artists in skills, marketing and give them or find them a better platform. And I would like to continue to work hard and reach the top level in international platform amongst global artists,” added Zamminlun.

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