Paraglider Hasan Kaval Credit: Screen Grab

Sleeping while paragliding does not seem like a perfect word combination let alone in action. However, paraglider Hasan Kaval did just that and has created quite a chatter on the Internet with his amusing and daring stunt.

He shared the video on his personal YouTube channel on September 16 attracting more than two million views and a lot of mixed emotions. This was also not his first attempt as earlier he did the same with a sofa.

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The nearly five-minute video showed Kaval preparing for his flying adventure with the bed attached to a parachute which is supported by a harness. Not ignoring the key elements of a bedroom, the setup even sported two cabinets and one table lamp as well. With an alarm clock and a cute teddy bear, Kaval jumped off the cliff with his friends cheering from behind.

The video though scary was equally satisfying to watch. The sheer confidence and courage of the paraglider is something worth mentioning as he controls his flight with ease. And like a cherry atop a sundae, Kaval even took a mini nap all while in the air. Guess we now know the reason for the alarm clock.

“I’ve heard of ‘dreaming of flying’, but you took this to a whole another level!” wrote a YouTube user and we can’t say we disagree.

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