South West Khasi Hills Dist, KSU found that 4 tanks were cracked Credit: Social Media

Shillong: Meghalaya’s South West Khasi Hills deputy commissioner Cara Kharkongngor on Wednesday informed that the news item circulating on social media about the uranium tank explosion at Nongbah Jynrin is incorrect and that no such leakage was taking place.

Speaking with EastMojo, Kharkongngor informed that a magisterial team from the district had gone for inspection on Tuesday and found that there was no such explosion or leakage.

“The question of leakage does not arise. The raw iron ore already exist there; the question of it blowing up does not arise. So it can only be toxic when it is further enriched in a laboratory. So whatever has been sealed… is a natural form and there is no toxic element,” Kharkongngor informed.

She recalled that way back in 1990s, the Uranium Corporation of India (UCIL) had gone to Nongbah Jynrin to survey on uranium. “Having gone there they were opposed to this project or survey of extraction of uranium. They left the place, so before leaving the place they had built two tanks to keep the raw iron ore that they had extracted from the place. So before leaving they had wrapped up everything and over that thick soil was covered up and after that they sealed the place. So the question of leakage does not arise,” added Kharkongngor.

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The DC refused to comment whether any legal action will be taken against the people for circulating false information on social media. She added that it lies on the government for any such action.

It is to be mentioned that reports emerged on social media on Monday evening that one of the uranium effluent tanks had cracked leading to foul smell.

South West Khasi Hills District‘s Khasi Students’ Union president Forwardman Nongrem, on September 22, informed that the Union had visited the area and noticed that there were cracks in all the four tanks. They had also mentioned that in comparison to the previous years the cracks on these tanks now have increased.

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