The area in Humla where China has constructed buildings, to which Nepali officials have protested Credit: Twitter

Nepal and China are currently engaged in a border spat in Humla district of Nepal over allegations of constructing 11 buildings by the Chinese in a remote part of the district which Nepal claims to be their own territory, reports Kathmandu Post.

China has allegedly constructed some buildings as a border pillar has gone missing since Nepal built a road in the area several years ago.

“I talked to the people there and reported to the chief district officer,” said Dattaraj Hamal, assistant chief district officer of Humla, while speaking to the Kathmandu Post. Hamal had visited the disputed area recently.

“He in turn reported to the Home Ministry. He now has gone to the area as per the Home Ministry’s instructions,” he added.

Hamal went for a visit to the area after people from Namkha Rural Municipality reported about the construction of nine new buildings by the Chinese security and border forces in the area.

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A team of officials led by chief district officer Chirinjbi Giri reached the area on Sunday and upon inspection it was found that the buildings had been constructed two kilometres inside of what was their perception of Nepali land.

“The Chinese side claimed that the area where the houses are built falls within the Chinese territory,” said Bishnu Bahadur Tamang, chair of Namkha Rural Municipality, who accompanied the team led by Giri.

“Of the 11 houses in the disputed area, security forces live in one and the others are empty,” he said.

Kathmandu Post confirmed that the home ministry of Nepal has dispatched a team of government officials, head of security agencies and local government representatives to inspect and report back to the ministry. The report is expected at the end of the week.

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Meanwhile, protests have broke out in front of the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu on Thursday morning as people flocked the streets in large number over the alleged illegal constructions at Humla.

According to reports, the locals were seen carrying placards that said “Back off China” over encroachment claims. The activists were also seen chanting slogans such as “Return Nepal’s land” and “stop Chinese expansionism”.

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