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Kohima: The NSCN-IM on Saturday condemned “Indian Intelligence agencies” for connecting the group’s chief negotiator and general secretary Th Muivah to “Chinese factor to question his integrity”.

As the Indo-Naga political talks “gained momentum” and is at the “threshold of signing the final deal”, the NSCN-IM said that “wild media speculation with vested interests involved” arise.

Through an official press statement, the NSCN-IM said that it is more than 23 years since the Indo-Naga talk has been guided by “mutual faith and respect” and that in this “principle that the talk has reached this far”.

NSCN-IM claimed that certain “elements are at work to sow seeds of suspicion and undo the hard earned achievement”. The group said “We believe this is the handiwork of suspicious mindset emanating from panic analysis of Indo-Naga political talks led by NSCN Talk Team with General Secretary Mr. Th. Muivah as the Chief Negotiator”.

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NSCN-IM and GoI need complete faith:

To build lasting peace, the group said that the Government of India and NSCN “need complete faith on each other without giving any room for doubt and other unfounded Intelligence agencies wild analysis and baseless calculations”.

“No sacrifice comes too big for the Naga people to pave the way for the final settlement that is honorable and acceptable. But for all purpose this is not the right time to throw in unhealthy opinions with the ulterior motive to fracture the hard earned peace process when the propitious moment is round the corner”.

It is in this regard that the NSCN-IM condemned the “Indian Intelligence agencies for connecting Naga Chief Negotiator and NSCN General Secretary to Chinese factor to question his integrity”.

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NSCN-IM also out-rightly rejected the “manipulative manner of media report” that targeted Muivah and “questioned his sincerity and commitment”.

It then said that due to “accommodation convenience”, all members of the NSCN-IM involved in the peace talk “cannot be made to stay in one location in Delhi”.

The group then said “It is, however, wrong on the part of the media to build ridiculous conjecture that NSCN members are not of one mind. We condemn such a baseless allegation which is intended to send confusing signal to the outside world”.

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