Mediapersons standing close to one another in Mumbai-Chandigarh flight on Wednesday Credit: Twitter Image

Aviation regulator has clarified that passengers on commercial airlines can take pictures and videos inside an aircraft. However the permission does not include using recording equipment that ‘imperils or compromises air safety; creates chaos or disruption during operation of flight or expressly prohibited by crew.’

DGCA order no 9/12/2003-IR dates 9th December 2004, ‘permits bonafide passengers traveling in an aircraft engaged in scheduled air transport services to take photographs from inside such an aircraft while in flight and while landing, take off and on ground at civil aerodromes. This permission is, however, not applicable when such aircraft is landing, taking off or on ground at a defence aerodrome.’

There was confusion following a new order that said that airlines would require taking action against those who take photos and video onboard without prior permission in writing granted by the authorities.

The regulator also warned that airlines which failed to comply with the orders would be banned from a particular route for two weeks.

The order followed an incident onboard an Indigo airlines flight where members of the media began filming mid-air despite being asked by the crew not to. The violations occurred on September 9 in a flight where newsmaker and actor Kangana Ranaut was travelling. Pictures of media persons jostling to take her pictures inside the aircraft went viral.

DGCA then asked for a report from Indigo airlines on safety violations by media persons and has now clarified on the notification.

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