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Shillong: A senior citizen criticised authorities for lack of manpower at Civil Hospital in Shillong.

Anxious and exhausted Clara (name changed), a resident of Laban, claimed that she had to wait for over 4 hours to get her COVID-19 test. She had to get her test done after a family member tested positive for the virus.

Clara, fears that she may be exposed to the virus after her visit to Civil hospital, Shillong. She said that every person coming for the test would sit on the same chairs; hence the chances of the virus transmitting is higher, as none of them is aware if they are positive, since the results are awaited.

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“I am surprised that they have not segregated the section of people, since we fall under the containment zone. I can see everyone at Civil mingling along. All our precautions have gone down the drain,” claimed Clara.

When asked what her concerns were, she said, “There is a lack of workforce, especially at the registration counter. They should also prioritise people who are high-risk contacts and also have another desk for senior citizens because I am not fit enough to stand here all day with my health conditions.”

Clara informed that she is a diabetic and unaware that the process would be time-consuming did not prepare any snack or lunch. However, she added that after purchasing a bottle of juice and drinking it, she had regained her energy.

She further added, “I laud the health workers, they were working tirelessly; especially donning the PPE for several hours is not an easy task. But the administration and government should look at these issues, especially the lack of workforce.”

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Upon contacting the health minister AL Hek, he acknowledged that the state lacks manpower and that the health workers are working for consecutive days.

“The issue here is manpower because the people are working for 3-4 days and they have to undergo quarantine and they are on rotational shifts. Because of the quarantine process it has slowed down the process at the hospital,” said Hek.

When asked if the authorities were aware of the ground situation that high risk and senior citizens were not segregated, Hek said that it cannot be true since they are segregated once brought from home to the testing centre.

EastMojo apprised Hek of the ground situation and said that he would look into it and ensured that proper measures would be taken.

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