Chinese virologist claims she has proof COVID-19 was made in Wuhan lab Credit: Twitter Image

Chinese scientist who had previously accused the Chinese government of covering up the coronavirus outbreak has now made an explosive claim saying that she has scientific evidence to prove that COVID-19 is man-made and that it originates from a lab in China.

In December last year, Dr Li-Meng Yan was reportedly tasked to look after a cluster of virus cases which were later discovered to be coronavirus. Appearing on the British talk show “Loose Women” on Friday from an undisclosed location where she states much to the awe of the viewers that the virus is not natural but “comes from a lab.”

She further added that the reports of the virus originating at a meat market in Wuhan are a “smokescreen”. “The seafood market in Wuhan and all the intermediate hosts, these are the smokescreen and this virus is not from nature,” insists Dr Yan. She further goes on to say that it was developed in a lab in China, “It is based on the China military institute discovery and owned some bad coronavirus named CC45 and ZXC21 and based on that after lab modification becomes the novel virus.”

She even declared of having evidence to back her claim, “I have my intelligence from the CDCs in China, from local doctors and other people around China.” The whistleblower mentions now that all the evidence has come together it can be clearly seen how the virus originate and also can be verified.

Upon asking where does she think the virus comes from, the virologist from China clearly says, “It comes from the lab. The lab in Wuhan which is controlled by the Chinese government.”

Yan has also announced on the talk show that she will soon publish two scientific reports which will bring all the evidence for the world to see.

“The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint,” she said on the content of the scientific reports that will be published. “So based on this you can identify these things. I use the evidence that exist in the genome sequence to tell people why this has come from the lab in China, why they are the only ones who made it.”

In April, Yan reportedly fled Hong Kong and escaped to America to raise awareness about the pandemic. “I know if I don’t tell the truth to the world, I will be regretful,” she said on “Loose Women” as to why she is coming out now.

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