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Imphal: The Naga Indigenous Peoples Alliance (NIPA) has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for recognition of undivided Naga territory as a self-governing ‘associate state’ which will be a win-win Indo-Naga solution based on the Framework Agreement, 2015.

NIPA, in a memorandum submitted to PM Modi on September 4, stated that granting of a self-governing ‘associate statehood’ to the Nagas will establish a new relationship with India by sharing Sovereign powers between the two entities.

While highlighting a rapidly rising India under the strong and dynamic leadership of PM Modi, NIPA further stated that the painful Naga historical course can transform into a new horizon of goodwill, trust, co-operation, peaceful co-existence and the lawful association between India and the Nagas as two entities in this new millennium.

NIPA convenor YL Ramgui also sought PM Modi’s intervention in the ongoing Indo-Naga peace negotiation and requested to fulfil the assurance he made to the Nagas for a new era of freedom, mutual respect, friendship, partnership and prosperity on August 3, 2015, a historic day of signing the Framework Agreement (FA) between the Government of India (GOI) and National Socialist Council of Nagaland, NSCN (IM).

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“Despite the killings of many Naga soldiers by Indian armed forces since the signing of the ceasefire in 1997, Naga armies on their part have not touched even one Indian army as a gesture of their maturity and genuine commitment to peace and political solution. This led to the dramatic yielding of peace, goodwill and trust in the whole Indian subcontinent,” stated NIPA.

How can India afford to destroy and forfeit this hard-earned peace, goodwill and trust that has dawned a new bright common future? NIPA questioned to the Centre.

As per the memorandum submitted to the prime minister, NIPA stated that the Naga struggle for recognition of undivided Naga territorial homeland and her nationhood has reached 91 years since the Naga Club’s submission of Naga memoranda to Simon Commission on January 10, 1929 asserting that Nagas be left alone to determine their future.

“Naga Peoples’ Declaration of Independence on August 14, 1947 a day ahead of India and the 99.9 % verdict of Naga plebiscite of May 16, 1951, thereby, rejecting to join the Union of India and the then Burma( Myanmar) are indestructible Naga national history,” it said.

NIPA further expressed that the primary reasons why Indo-Naga permanent solution could not be worked out till date despite so many attempts in the past nearly 74 years are due to the extremely rigid political stands adopted by the negotiating parties of both sides.

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The ruling government of BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) under the noble and capable leadership of PM Modi could change the olden narrative of extremity, rigidity and exclusivity between India and the Nagas by signing the aforesaid historic Framework Agreement of 2015, stated in a memorandum.

“The recognition of the unique history and position of the Nagas in the FA means India’s recognition of Naga territory and its nationality which is not an integral part of India,” NIPA said.

And in such a given position, Naga flag and separate Constitution is the prerogative of the Nagas. These two ingredients are an inherent part of a nationality already recognized by FA, which is fundamental for symbolizing the Naga national identity and determining the system and structure of Naga self-government. India can, at best, protect, help, guide and endorse a vibrant and democratic constitution (Yezabo) for the Nagas, it said.

To ensure a broad and inclusive single agreement of all Naga stakeholders who are in dialogue with the Government of India, NIPA has urged PM Modi to upgrade the Indian negotiation team by the inclusion of more members with political and legal experts. They also want representatives from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) led by an “able interlocutor of high integrity with a broader international outlook to enable the finishing touch of the structural details and other relative workouts of the Framework Agreement.”

“The ongoing Naga peace talks between the GoI and NSCN-IM must actively pursue real and lasting peace through the principle of peace and non-violence until a win-win solution is mutually arrived at,” said NIPA in a memorandum.

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