Asian elephant

Animal activists around the world are celebrating after a decision to relocate an Asian elephant from a Pakistan. Dubbed the ‘world’s loneliest elephant’, Kaavan has lived in a zoo in Islamabad for more than 35 years. He was living in solitary confinement in a small enclosure in abject conditions.

Spokesperson of international animal welfare group Four Paws, Martin Bauer, said that the elephant has finally been given clearance for travel and will land up most likely in Cambodia for the rest of its life and live in better conditions with other elephants. Animal welfare group Four Paws is handling the relocation of Kaavan and other animals in the zoo.

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In May, a high court in Pakistan ordered the closure of the zoo in Islamabad where Kaavan was kept. The zoo was shut down following gross negligence and abysmal living conditions of the animals.

Kaavan’s rescue attempts have grabbed the attention of animal rescue organisations all around the world, including singer Cher.

Unfortunately, two lions were not so lucky; they died during an attempt to transfer them in July.

Four Paws was invited by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board to take custody of Kaavan and also transfer the remaining animals of the zoo.

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