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Bengaluru: Karnataka Congress member Kavitha Reddy has released a statement on Sunday that she did not moral police Kannada actor Samyuktha Hegde and her two friends.

This comes after receiving much flak on the alleged incident of moral policing Hegde and her friends while they were in a park next to Agara Lake in HSR Layout in Bengaluru on Friday.

The politician in the clarification statement regretted that she lost her temper, however she maintained tha she did not moral police Hegde. She claims to have only intervened as the they had been playing loud music in a public park.

A video of the incident went viral on social media when Reddy charged at one of the women and later brought in the police.

Reddy said that she was called by the walkers and the guard of the lake say that three girls were playing music and dancing, and there are complaints about it. When the guard called there was already shouting and screaming going on.

Clarifying that she made no reference to actor’s clothes, Reddy said that she herself goes to the park wearing shorts, and there is no dress code or restrictions in the park.

She added, “I called the two guards and asked Samyuktha and two of her friends to apologize to them as they have abused and shouted at them for doing their job. Samyuktha and two of her friends told me that the guards also made some remarks, I told her that all the three will apologize and he will also apologize for his mistake.”

Following which, Hegde began creating a scene and her friends started recording. Reddy said that she called the police and took a picture and made a small video clip. Then one of the actress’s friend hurled abuses at her. She said, “Yes, that really upset me and I did want to slap her, but only confronted her for using abusive language and warned her.”

She accused Samyuktha of instigating the public and creating a new narrative.

“She herself took off her top and started a live video which was definitely objected by the public and even police who were a bit confused how to act in that situation,” Reddy said

The AICC member also said in her statement that her version will be collaborated by real people and not someone who ‘claims to be a victim’.

In Samyuktha’s video however, at least three other people can be clearly heard supporting the actor and rejecting moral policing. On Twitter, she referred to Samyuktha as a cheap publicity actor, reported TheNewsMinute.

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