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New Delhi: Severely criticising the Chinese government plan to ‘further tighten controls over Tibet’, the Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president of the US Joe Biden, in a significant development, has announced that if voted to power, his administration will sanction Chinese officials responsible for human rights abuses in Tibet.

“This past weekend, the Chinese government announced plans to further tighten controls over Tibet, thereby continuing to erode the human rights, religious freedoms, and dignity of the Tibetan people. These are only the latest efforts by Beijing to crush ethnic minorities that seek to preserve their distant cultural, language, and beliefs,” Joe Biden in a statement said.

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Announcing that his administration will sanction Chinese officials responsible for human rights abuses in Tibet, and step up support for the Tibetan people, including by expanding Tibetan language services at Radio Free Asia and Voice of America to get information from the outside world into Tibet, Biden vowed that as president he will meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama, appoint a new special coordinator for Tibetan Issues, and insist that the Chinese government restore access to Tibet for US citizens, including the US diplomats and journalists.

The Dalai Lama

He also criticised the present US president Trump and said, “Once again, the silence from President Trump has been deafening, as he focuses instead on his empty trade deal with Beijing and protecting his ‘very good friendship’ with Chinese President Xi Jinping. It’s disgraceful, though not surprising, that Trump is the first American President in three decades who has not met or spoken with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. No wonder China’s leaders believe they have a free hand to deepen repression in Tibet, just as they have in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.”

Blaming the Trump administration for allegedly turning a blind eye towards the development in Tibet, Biden in his statement further added: A Biden-Harris administration will stand up for the people of Tibet.

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